We pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of high-quality events to a diverse range of customers. Exemplary service and adherence to health and safety are at the forefront of what we do.

In order to follow the latest Government’s advice around social distancing and other measures, our processes remain agile, meaning we’re currently adapting to change on a regular basis.

These measures are already in place and we will work with clients on a 1:1 basis to address all meeting and event needs from registration, access and egress to and from the event spaces.


Pre-Event Arrival

• We will work with event organisers to stress the importance to guests of only attending if in good health

• Arrival times may need to be staggered, depending on numbers

• Clear instructions on delegate access point(s) will be provided in advance for sharing with all attendees. This includes car parking


Venue Arrival

• Registration of all guests will be required and pre-event COVID checks may be requested

• Our team members will be on hand to guide all attendees as needed

• One-way traffic flows to meeting spaces will be clearly signposted

• Sanitisation stations will be available in and around meeting rooms

Meeting Spaces

• Meeting rooms will be cleaned and sanitised between each use

• Seating configuration will confirm to social distancing guidelines

• TV screens within the room will display messages on this subject as needed

• Antibacterial wipes will be available in all meeting rooms and at hand touchpoints, which will also be sanitised throughout the day

• Catering requirements and timings will be pre-agreed and staggered as needed based on space and numbers

• Meeting room capacities by layout will be regularly reviewed and updated in line with social distance guidelines

• Events in the stadium will be closely managed and kept apart through strict diary management

Public Areas

• Sanitiser dispensers will be available in main spaces which includes, but isn’t limited to registration and foyer areas, lift lobbies, cloakrooms and toilets

• Queueing facilities will be clearly marked in toilet areas and every effort will be made to avoid over-use at any one time

• Cloakroom areas will be managed under social distancing guidelines and staff will wear gloves when handling guests’ items

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