We are adapting quickly and efficiently for the ‘new normal’ with regards to culinary excellence which has always been at the forefront of our business. It is now vital that you, our customers are aware of our ‘keeping you safe’ approach underpinned by our strict health and safety culture which has always been imbedded into our business.

We want to give you the assurances and confidence that your event can be delivered safely and successfully whilst retaining the culinary excellence for which we are best known.

We want to work with you to ensure your guests have an unforgettable experience at our unique venues. Our culinary teams have devised a selection of new menus to not only fuel your guests but also to ensure that their safety is prioritised.

Our Approach


• No open food containers

• Chefs prepare the food within the kitchen wearing PPE

• Cutlery will be prewrapped, compostable or wooden

• All boxes are made from recyclable materials and sealed with a sticker for added safety

• All refreshments, pastries and cakes in individual packaging

• Guests help themselves and queues are avoided

• Keeps food waste to a minimum, supporting our ongoing commitment to reducing food waste

• Selected choices available with an emphasis on operational excellence

• Social distancing displays and markers on floor

• Delegates will be marshalled up to collection points to adhere to social distancing guidelines

• Tea and coffee will be served from stations


We are more than happy to share additional health and safety details should this be required.



1. Lunch boxes

• Ideal for any size event

• Finger sandwiches, salad and dessert or alternatively a selection of small finger food items

• Recyclable box with lid

• Can be part of Day Delegate package


2. Hot boxes

An ideal alternative from the traditional ‘fork buffet’, these main dishes are freshly prepared by our chefs on site and served in a recyclable pre- boxed solution.

• Great selection of dishes to choose from

• Delicious hot main dishes in individual

  sealed boxes

• Easy to identify meat, fish and vegetarian

• Individual desserts

• Supports food waste reduction

• Can be part of Day Delegate package


3. Grab and Go

An ideal solution for an ‘on the go’ lunch or where you prefer to work outside of a timed agenda. Guests can choose from a selection of sandwiches, wraps, salads and desserts buffet style.

• All items are individually packaged

• Selection of Artisan sandwiches, wraps, nutritious salads, dried fruits and seeds, homemade desserts and more

• Selection of individual canned drinks

We are happy to discuss your requirements over email , telephone or over a video call.

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