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Future-focused event catering

Levy UK + Ireland is a team of event and culinary experts bringing legendary experiences, fantastic flavours and innovative technology to some of the UK’s most iconic venues, including Bramall Lane.

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A recipe for change

Food significantly impacts global emissions, with our worldwide food system contributing 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. Because of this alarming statistic, Levy UK + Ireland is at the forefront of sustainable food practices, serving up locally sourced, plant-forward and seasonal menus – something we call our 'recipe for change’.

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Planet-forward food labelling

Nutritious catering is an essential element of any successful event, and we're here to make it both delicious and environmentally conscious. From refreshing salad platters to yummy hot buffets, our team will craft healthy dishes tailored to meet the dietary requirements of every guest while keeping our planet in mind.

To promote transparency and sustainability, we communicate the carbon footprint of each dish on our menus. Dishes are categorised as 'Low', 'Medium' and 'High', empowering guests to make choices with the lowest environmental impact.

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Our trusted partners

Levy UK + Ireland work with selected partners and suppliers to reduce emissions and food waste across their supply chain. With their help, Levy UK + Ireland can continually create eco-friendly dishes for conferences and celebrations at Bramall Lane.

Alongside Levy UK + Ireland, some of our in-house partners include Klimato, Toast, Rubbies in the Rubble and Hej Coffee. So, whatever type of event you’re hosting with us, you’ll be guaranteed thoughtfully designed food and drink with sustainability and amazing flavours at the forefront.

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