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What's On at Bramall Lane

Check out the upcoming events at Bramall Lane, with everything from stand-up comedy and bingo nights to talks with sports legends. Whatever you're interested in, you'll be sure to have an experience to remember.

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Andy Hanselman Consulting: Bouncebackability - 18th June 2024

Resilience and 'Bouncebackability' are the cornerstones of business life, what better way to build resilience and develop our own coping strategies than to hear from those who have had their own challenges and not just 'bounced back' but bounced back better!

Our panel will be made up of business owners and leaders who have faced 'issues' along the way including legal interventions, potential restrictions of trading and brand disputes, team member fallouts, loss of key players and, in one case, financial loss and insolvency.

From Adversity to Opportunity.. and Beyond!

Women In Business How To Network

Women in Business: How to Network - 26th June 2024

Join us for an evening of drinks and some food and let us share with you some of our experiences of networking.

For some of you, it’s effortless. You walk into a room, you engage in friendly conversation and maybe have some nice food and drink. If you are fortunate, you even come away with some potential business.

For others, it's hard. You don’t want to go but as it is expected of you, there’s no way out of it. You feel a little sick on your way there. You get into a room full of people who look perfectly comfortable around each other. You stand around waiting for the awkwardness to be alleviated by a friendly person who talks to you.

We would like to share with you some of our experiences of networking. There really are strategies you can put in place to make it easier and more productive.

Let’s get together for a couple of drinks, some food and share our tips for networking success.

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Serial killers: Up close and personal - 29th August 2024

Renowned criminal psychologist, writer, radio host and podcaster Linda Sage is talking true crime to the people of Sheffield!
Linda spent forty years working in England’s top category prisons with the UK’s most notorious criminals and serial killers, including the Krays, Myra Hindley and Peter Sutcliffe. Her events not only captivate and shock audiences but leave them with a deeper understanding of the workings of criminal minds.
Linda says: “I’m really looking forward to talking true crime at Sheffield United Football Club. I’ll share many professional insights, from psychiatric evaluations to crime scene evidence, and talk to audiences about what life in Category A prisons is really like. I promise to deliver a fascinating event which will shock and captivate".

Everyone is welcome at the event but it is only suitable for children aged 15 plus.

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