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Bramall Lane has proudly unveiled its newly refurbished 1889 Suite.

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Named after the year Sheffield United was founded, the 1889 Suite is a sleek and exclusive-feeling space for up to 100 guests, ideal for various occasions, including small conferences, networking events, boardroom-style meetings, and private corporate dinners.

The 1889 suite located on the first floor in the South Stand offers exclusivity and privacy. With its private entrance, bar, and toilets, guests can indulge in a sophisticated atmosphere tailored to elevate their event experience.

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Showcasing Bramall Lane's commitment to providing excellent hospitality, the unveiling of the upgraded 1889 Suite, solidifies its reputation as a premier destination for unforgettable events.

For more information or to enquire about booking the 1889 Suite for your next event, please visit our 1889 Suite page.

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